Fashion Friday: 30 Days of Outfits

Now that Spring has finally arrived, it’s about time to get your Spring wardrobe in full swing.  For me, this usually means a shopping trip for some trendy new threads but that doesn’t mean I buy everything brand new.  Keep in mind, some key essentials are timeless pieces like a white cotton tee or a flattering pair of jeans.  I like to search my closet first and see what I already have then hit the shops for what I need.

I have always been a huge fan of Lucky Magazine’s A Month of Outfits and would make my seasonal wardrobe based roughly on that.  They showed key pieces that were a must have for the season and how to style each look.  Well, I’ve searched and searched and the last time I found that they publish this kind of article was back in 2009 (don’t quote me on that, I just haven’t found anything more recent).

I think I have enough fashion sense now to put together my own 30 Days of Outfits with this season’s hottest trends.  If I miss something, I apologize.  This is what I plan on having in my closet this season:

Spring 2012

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View the Spring 2012 30 Days of Outfits collection on Polyvore.


8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: 30 Days of Outfits

  1. Wow!! That took a lot of time to put this one together. You picked great looks and I love how you showed them all mixed in different ways.

  2. This is one of the best fashion posts I have ever seen! Nice work, you really came up with many choices, all of which I want. None of the outfits even resembled a repeat look. Love it! Pinning this for others to see.

  3. Yay! I love spring, and adore the fresh and light clothing choices. That must have taken forever to put together but it sure does put a smile on my face!

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