Maternity Monday: How to Extend Your Wardrobe Throughout Pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn’t mean having to go out and buy yourself an entirely new wardrobe, although that doesn’t sound like a bad idea!  If you really think about it, you’ll be spending a pretty penny buying clothes that you’ll likely only wear for a couple of months.  Sure, you could wear them again if you had another baby and if you get pregnant during the same season and can reuse the clothes.  But chances of all that happening are slim.

Take me for example: I got pregnant for my first child a few years ago, and bought tons of maternity fall and winter outfits (because I was having a winter baby and that’s when I was the biggest).  This time around I got pregnant early in the fall and my body is completely different that my first time around.  For one thing, I’m carrying much smaller this time and my previous maternity clothes makes me look like a beached whale.  Second, a lot of the things I bought before are for the colder months and this time I’m having a summer baby and need more summer clothes.  And third, a lot of the clothes I bought before are totally not my style and were purchased more as a right of passage into motherhood than they were as staple pieces of my maternity wardrobe.

One celebrity mom I really look to for maternity style advice is the beautiful and ever stylish Jennifer Garner.

Do a little closet shopping before hitting the stores.
Cotton tees are always great and have some give which allow for some stretching to accommodate your growing belly.  Also, long tees were a huge fashion trend a year or so back.  You may have a couple lying around and not even realize it.  These are great for keeping that belly covered up.

Make use of those cardigans and blazers.
If your cardigans are starting to look a little too tight on your baby bump, unbutton them!  Leave a couple buttoned up above your belly and show off that beautiful bump!

Go for a layered look.
Layering is very in now so make the best of it! Add a maternity cami under your favorite pre-pregnancy top.

Go with the flow!
Flowing tops are always a flattering look to any baby bump.

Throw on a cute scarf on a chilly day.  Not only will it help cover up your bump and keep it nice and toasty, but it’ll add a little umph to your outfit.


One thought on “Maternity Monday: How to Extend Your Wardrobe Throughout Pregnancy

  1. Great post! Totally agree…not only do I HATE all my maternity clothes from last time – I am carrying alot smaller TOO…I am sure I will catch up at some point..but chasing after Connor has kept me much more fit this time around:)
    Love that you are doing Maternity Monday’s too!!! So fun…I will start to link over to you as well…I am TOTALLY slacking this week…such a crazy weekend with work and social commitments – no time for outfit post..sigh:(
    Loved seeing you featured on All things chic!
    Talk soon.

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