Guest Post: Flats to Flip Flops

I’m always on the lookout for like-minded bloggers who share my interest in fashion, and this lovely lady is right at the top of that list!  Meet Ashley from Flats to Flip Flops.  Not only is she one super stylish woman, but she’s also all about comfort.  Right up my alley!
Be sure to stop by her blog, Flats to Flip Flops, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Hi Everyone! This is Ashley from over at flats to flip flops!
I am “momma” to two sweet kiddos, a mischievous boy age 4, and a sassy
gal age 1. Over at flats to flip flops
I share thoughts on fashion and life as a mom to two little ones!  I’d love to have you stop by and visit me!
A big thanks to Paola for letting me guest post on her awesome blog!  I love her motto “Keep Your Heels, Head and Your Standards High!”  I am all about modesty over at my blog and I love to especially encourage moms to find their inner style!  Sometimes as a mom on the go it is hard to find time to be fashionable and I know that COMFORT is a major must!
I have a motto:COMFY CAN BE CUTE!
Today I am going to share a couple of my tips into turning your comfy outfits into something comfy, casual and chic!
 One of my favorite staples in my wardrobe are my v neck tees!  And they are soooo comfy!  To add a little something to a plain tee, layer your necklaces.  And like I did below,  you can even use necklaces made of different materials to add more visual interest!  No longer are the days when things have to be matchy matchy!  Go ahead and mix it up.
If you are like me, you love wearing a tee shirt and a good pair of jeans!  There is nothing more comfy.  And a great way to add something to a tee shirt and jean is a scarf!  I especially love adding a scarf to a graphic tee like below.  It always makes me feel a little more hip and funky!
Another thing that can make a simple outfit pop is a great pair of shoes!  Try out a printed or bright colored flat(like below).  Or my personal favorite, break out some bright colored tennies(like the pic above) to add a fun detail to your outfit!
When I really, really want to be comfy, I steal something from my hubby’s side of the closet, like the plaid button down below!  What is more comfortable than slipping into something oversized and loose?  Whenever I rock menswear, I always try to add something feminine, like a long necklace, or bigger earrings, or a fitted blazer to make sure people still know I’m a girl! No Dude looks like a lady here!
Hopefully these tips will help you in your quest to be comfy AND cute!I’d love to hear what tips you guys have!
And I hope to see you over at flats to flip flops soon!
Thanks again Paola!

One thought on “Guest Post: Flats to Flip Flops

  1. Fun post! Totally agree that comfy can be cute and chic for sure:) love your tips and once my broken foot is mended I am on the prowl for a fun bright pair of kicks!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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