From Day to Night: Navy Chevron Dress

So, you’ve got a big night planned – whether it’s a night out with the girls or a romantic date with that special person in your life.  Wwe’ve got some simple tips on how to take your look from day to night.

Day To Night: Navy Chevron Dress

Add a blazer
I’ve always thought of blazers as more “office” apparel, they’re actually a great way to add structure to an outfit.  And this girl’s opinion, they’re sexy!

Pump it up
A pair of stilettos will always dress up an outfit regardless of whether you’re in a dress or a pair of jeans.  Don’t be afraid to add a little splash of color with your shoes either.

Whether you’re going bold or simple chic, adding a cute necklace and earrings to your ensemble will bring your look up a notch or two.

Bring on the drama
Give your eyes a smokey look or pucker up those lips with a bright hue.  Just be careful not to go overboard!  A little bit goes a long way.  If you’re going with the dramatic eyes, give your lips a neutral look with a soft pink gloss or nude lipstick.  If the red pout is more your thing, go for a subtle eyeshadow but play up the lashes.

Pump up the Volume
Don’t forget to give your hair some revitalization.  Apply some dry shampoo than back-comb your hair to add volume then style as desired.


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