Maternity Monday: Color Blocking

One of my favorite trends this season has to be color blocking.  Whether you’re just dipping your toe in it and going with more subtle colors or going all out with bright and bold hues, it’s a simple look to put together.

It’s not always easy to find a pair of colored denim in maternity wear, so if you have a great pair of non-maternity colored jeans and want to use one of the tricks to expand your maternity wardrobe, that’s one way to go.  If not, they are out there, it’s just a matter of looking and possibly spending some $$.  Here are some color blocking options for the expecting mom-to-be:

Maternity Colorblock

Maternity Colorblock by modestlychicstyle featuring asos maternity

For more Monday Mingle fashion, check out


5 thoughts on “Maternity Monday: Color Blocking

    • I’ve been wanting those pants since I found them on Polyvore! I did however just purchase a pair of pastel pink pink capris that I’m excited about (Motherhood $20) and will definitely be posting photos once they come in!

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