Fashion on a Budget

Hi there ladies! Paola and I have chatted so much about clothes, that it made sense to team up. I’m so glad to be contributing to a site that not only values clothing and style but being able to do it modestly and tastefully!

So for my first post, I decided to show you a few pieces that I’ve picked up recently (or have ordered online really, but they’ll be delivered soon). My personal favorite and the one I’m most excited about, is a Diane Von Fursternberg  skirt. It was my first EBay experience (yes, a little late to the party, I know) and I got it for $26.00!!! They retail around $250.00! It’s a great print that can definitely work all year round.

The next pieces are two necklaces I found on sale at Charlotte Russe for five dollars a piece! I love the gray flowered bib, it can certainly go with either dressed up looks or as casual as skinnies and a button down. I must admit, Kate Spade has a necklace similar to the pink one but I cannot be spending $150.00 on a necklace (even though I realllllly want to!), so for $5 this one will do.

Next is my Forever21 haul. I opted for a red accordion pleated skirt, at knee-length. I find the midi skirts act as ankle skirts on me, because I have a long torso, but not necessarily long legs. It’s a great way to incorporate the trend of pleated skirts that’s huge now, but still having it work on your body. I got the black lace blouse on sale for $13.00 and every girl needs a few blouses in her closet. They are feminine and chic and will NEVER go out of style. Lastly, the navy and cream long cardigan, perfect for layering on those cool summer nights or when the leaves start to fall.

What do you think about the bargains?

Till next time, xoxo



7 thoughts on “Fashion on a Budget

    • Thanks Jodi! I was SOOOOO excited about it! It was my first time buying ANYTHING on Ebay, so I was pretty pleased with myself 🙂

  1. You have found some great bargains! And modest. Firstly, those necklaces are gorgeous. Secondly that pleated skirt! So great! I love waisted skirts. I think they flatter pretty much every girls figure. You’ll find me in them most sundays for church.
    Thanks for sharing,
    BJ xx

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