Best Things I’ve Learned I Found on Pinterest – Fashion

Source: via Tanya on Pinterest


This was definitely me when I started on Pinterest and it hasn’t gotten better since then.  I’m addicted and there’s nothing else to it!  In addition, it’s become a gateway to my other more recent addictions like Polyvore, which leads me to today’s post.  The combination of the two is what drove me to start Modestly Chic.

I’ve always loved fashion but I struggled with putting the right pieces together to get that perfect look.  I’m not saying that I’m now an expect on all things fashion, but I’ve definitely learned a thing or two and have started to apply my new-found knowledge in my personal wardrobe.

Lessons Learned

1.     Q: Can you wear a brown belt with black pants/shirt/dress.

A: FALSE!  Lighter shades of brown and tan go great with black.  They offer a nice contrast with accessories and shoes.

  1. Source: via Paola on Pinterest

2.  Q: Are scarves only for use during cold weather?

A: Absolutely not! They make a great accessory and can be worn in multiple ways.

Source: via Paola on Pinterest


3.  Q: Do I need to match my shoes and handbag?

A: That’s a thing of the past. Although you can match the colors, they don’t have to be the same material. Also, you can mix and match a print with a solid as well as contrasting colors for a bold statement piece.


I’ve only scratched the surface here, but these are some great tips to learn for any wannabe fashionista like myself.  For more great fashion tips and advice, check out more Fashion Friday posts on All Things Chic.


2 thoughts on “Best Things I’ve Learned I Found on Pinterest – Fashion

  1. I’m like you, I’m completely addicted to Pinterest, I say to myself I’ll just go on for 10 minutes and 3 hours later I’m still pinning. I have a Polyvore account, but haven’t used it as much, but I will be using it more soon. Have you tried Lyst? It’s just as bad as Pinterest, you create collections instead of boards (same thing) and it pretty much acts the same way as Pinterest. You’re also right regarding inspiration, Pinterest has been fantastic for blog ideas. Happy Pinning!

  2. I love Pinterest too! I’ve also made an attempt to spend a little time on a fashion niche site called LOVE THE NAME BTW! The bigger Pinterest gets it seems harder to focus on fashion. I’m gonna split my site on TB and see how it works out. Pinterest for right now is my main inspiration! Cheers!

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